Military Periodicals

The Military Periodicals Data Set provides periodical-level observations on military-related periodicals in a country, including alternate names, transliterated names, and years of publication. For state membership information, it employs the Correlates of War (COW) State System Membership List. Please cite this data set as follows, including the current version number: 

Upton Institute. 2005. Military Periodicals Data Set, version 2005.

The complete data set is available to members. See the membership page for more details.

Principal Source

The main source for this data is Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory, although in some cases these are confirmed by additional, academic sources.



A periodical or serial publication is considered a military periodical if it is returned in an Ulrich’s Periodicals Directory search using the term “military.” Periodicals that are fiction or obviously unrelated to military art and science are excluded, although when in doubt the periodical is included in the data set. Note that data extend through 2005, so publications with a last publication date of 2005 are likely (though not certainly) still in operation.

For country-specific notes and other details, see the codebook.